Ok, I've been told my short story is TOO short..so, I've gotta tie in something to make it longer-Here is the Intro of a woman in to the story...Check it out..and let me know:) I'm still not able to get internet yet-so,I'm in a cafe temp. Miss you all.....

Wearing a sun dress, she walked down the stairs toward Bethesda. The folds of white and yellow cascading around her hips and legs like a gentle tide dancing along the sand bank. A look of bewilderment on her face, she almost missed the last step, but caught herself gracefully. Carter smiled to himself. He’d never seen her before. ‘She must be a tourist.’ he thought. Just like many tourists, she pulled out a camera and began to snap shots.
She walked all around the fountain. Fixated for some time on the detail in stone, she then turned sideways. Her eyebrows raised when she saw a man (Carter) leaned back against a tree. His pen in hand, scribbling. ‘Odd,’ she thought. He’s not even looking at the page. He was looking in the direction of some canoe’s on the river. She took a picture of him, imagining how it would look in Black and White. The man looked up at her. ‘Busted,’ she thought as her face turned several shades of pink and red like wild rouge used in the 80’s.
He began to gather his things. Carter got up and walked over to a concession stand. He bought two bottles of water, walked over to the woman and handed her one without a word. He was entranced by her. She uttered a thank you and began to apologize when he put his finger to her lips. She backed up a little, unsure and startled. He stuck out his hand and finally spoke,” Hello, I’m Carter.” His face was flushed.

“H H Hello. My name is (insert character name).” she said in a whisper that sent chills through Carter like the first winter wind…

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