Poem: Morning Rush

I woke up late! late! late!
Gotta go !
Bumped in to the wall,
Smacked forehead on sink
Brushin' my teeth
I could have been on time.
Head throbbing.
Driving and muttering.
Car puffs and sputters
There went my tires
And still oh so tired
What's wrong with me?
Morning rush? PFFFT
I'm Takin' the day off!

This poem is about someone who is never late for work. They're like OCD with 'time'.. However, in a time like that, which is rare, the person has an option. Go to work distracted and distracting others over your morning, being frustrated and even angry, risking a blow up at work, etc. Now, I know plenty of people who could have a morning like this and you'd never know it! They are quiet individuals and either know how to compose themselves well, or really have got the whole-"leave personal at the door" rule down.

NAH! Everyone brings a little personal to work. It's inevitable and bound to happen eventually.

So, if you had a morning like this, would you go to work?


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